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Фланцевая защитная гильза FPW и PPW

Фланцевая защитная гильза  FPW и PPW

Производитель: Wika (Германия)

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Фланцевая защитная гильза FPW и PPW конструкция


  • Petrochemical, On/Offshore, plant engineering
  • For high process loads

Special Features

  • Heavy construction
  • TW10-F: Full penetration welded construction
  • TW10-P: Partial penetration welded construction ( filled a=3mm minimum)
  • Available shank style: tapered, straight, stepped
  • Welding certification acc. to ASME Section IX and AD2000 HP2/1 with DIN EN ISO 15614 part 1 for stainless steels and exotic alloys


Thermowell material:

Stainless steel 304/304L, 316/316L, 1.4571, 1.4404, A105, exotic materials


Blindflange per ASME B16.5 / EN 1092-1 / DIN 2527

Instrument connection:

½ NPT, G ½ female

Bore size:

Ø 6.6 mm, Ø 8.5 mm

Insertion length U:

To customer specification (max. 1800 mm for stainless steel)

Head length H:

To customer specification (standard: 57 mm, 83 mm)


  • Other flanges, dimensions, bore sizes and materials
  • Quality certificates
  • Extra long thermowells per IN 00.16 in multi piece construction
  • Wake frequency calculation per ASME PTC 19.3 are recommended in critical applications. WIKA offers this as an engineering service.

This thermowell replaces the old models:

  • SI400F
  • SI410F
  • SW400F

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