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Трех-ходовой кран

Трех-ходовой кран

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Трех-ходовой кран


  • cocks for pressure gauges for measurement of liquids, gases and steam.

Special Features

  • Design per DIN 16 261 to 16 262
  • Pressure rating up to 16 bar
  • Operating temperatur up to 50°C


Pressure gauge cocks are intended to isolate the pressure gauge from the pressure medium in order to enable inspection or replacement of the gauge and also to extend the service life of the pressure gauge where the pressure is continually pulsating. Pressure gauge cocks are suitable up to 16 bar pressure rating (PB 16) and a temperatureTB50°C.

Higher pressure and temperature can be handled by pressure gauge valves (see data sheet AM 09.02).

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