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Игольчатый вентиль по стандарту DIN 16270/ 16271/ 16272

Игольчатый вентиль по стандарту DIN 16270/ 16271/ 16272

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Игольчатый вентиль по стандарту DIN 16270/ 16271/ 16272
Модель: 910.11


  • These needle valves are used to isolate the pressure gauge from the pressure medium or to throttle and to damp pressure pulses
  • Stainless steel version for corrosive pressure media, and also aggressive environments
  • For industrial process plant within: mechanical engineering and plant construction, chemical/petrochemical, power stations, mining, on- and offshore, environmental technology

Special Features

  • Standard valves per DIN 16 270 (with vent plug)
  • Valves with test connection per DIN 16 271 (with vent plug)
  • Valves with separate isolating test connection per DlN 16 272
  • Nominal pressures up to 400 bar


Form A versions of the pressure gauge valves are supplied with LH/RH adjusting nut, and Form B versions with rotating union nut and shaft to support the instrument. Valves fitted with a test connection enable simultaneous connection of a test gauge to check the pressure in the pipe.

The test connection is sealed by a screwcap and gasket

(DIN 16 271) or by an additional isolating valve

(DIN 16 272). Pressure gauge valves are silicone free.

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