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Импульсная трубка

Импульсная трубка

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Импульсная трубка
Модель: 910.15


  • Pressure gauge syphons protect pressure gauges from the effect of rapid pressure surges and hot pressure media
  • Cooling element for liquids, gases and vapours in pressure measuring applications
  • For direct mounting to the pressure connection of the pressure gauge or to the shut-off device (pressure gauge cock or valve) underneath

Special Features

  • Designs per DIN 16 282 or industrial standard designs
  • Max. temperatures up to 400 °C
  • Nominal pressures up to 160 bar
  • Materials: carbon steel (1.0039, 1.0345) and stainless steel 1.4571


Pressure gauge syphons per DIN 16 282 U-form, form B, and trumpet form, form D, have a welding connection for pressure tapping on the process side and a threaded connection on the pressure gauge side. In the "industrial standard" versions threaded connections are also available for pressure tapping on the process side. U-form pressure gauge syphons are intended for horizontal pressure tapping, trumpet form syphons are intended for vertical pressure tapping.

Inside the syphon condensate is collected, which prevents the penetration of hot media into the gauge.

We recommend filling the syphon with a cooling separating liquid before commissioning the pressure line.

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